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New Saksun drama: Man allegedly scared visitors to death – “He threatened to shoot our dog”, claim the terrorized

According to Faroese news webpage VP.fo, a man allegedly threatened two people who visited the village of Saksun – a popular tourist attraction in the Faroe Islands – last Friday.

The two people – a foreigner, who resides in the Faroe Islands, and another foreigner, who vacationed in the Faroes at the time – went for a walk in the beautiful village of Saksun. They brought along their dog.

Suddenly, as they walked on a public road, a man appeared and threatened to shoot the dog who was on a leash, writes VP.

VP has talked to the two people, who want to remain anonymous. At first, they were frightened. They told VP: ”The first thing that came to our minds was to refer the incident to the police. But when we had both calmed down and discussed the matter with the ”sýslumaðurin” (the sheriff), we decided not to notify the police.”

VP has contacted Sunda Kommuna (the local council, which represents the villages of Hósvík, Streymnes, Hvalvík, Langasandur, Haldórsvík, Tjørnuvík and Saksun) and Visit Faroe Islands with regards to this particular incident.

These two institutions claim that they know about the incident, but they decline to comment further as they want to find a solution to the peculiar challenges in Saksun, writes VP.

VP has also contacted Finnbogi Midjord, the sheriff in question, who points out that he too knows about the incident. However, he does not want to comment further.

So far, no one has referred the incident to the Faroe Islands police.

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