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”This is not Disneyland. Tourists, go home”, say xenophobic thugs in a message to joyous travelers

The number of foreign tourists in the Faroe Islands has increased rapidly in the last few years – but so has also the level of xenophobia, it appears, as tourists, who visited the stunningly beautiful village of Saksun today, received a less than warm welcome from some unknown thug(s).

”This is not Disneyland. Tourists, go home”, was written on a wagon that stood in the village (see picture above).

Saksun, one of popular tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands – if not THE most popular tourist attraction -, receives thousands of foreign visitors every year.

As for the Faroe Islands in general, 170.610 people were recorded as arriving in the country from abroad because of tourism in 2016, while in 1975 27.528 tourists came to country, reports Hagstova Føroya (Statistics Faroe Islands).

Last year, the Faroe Islands formulated a new tourism strategy. A working group with members from the tourism industry, municipalities, tourism information-offices, nature conservation and government officials submitted its recommendations to the Faroese government.

Jóhan Pauli Helgason, adviser to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said with regards to this:

“The Faroe Islands are receiving more tourists, which is a positive trend for a new and growing industry, but there are also concerns that need to be addressed, as such a small community needs to protect our nature and the environment so that the unspoiled environment remains unspoiled and attractive. . The last year there have been many discussions on how to organize the tourism industry better, maybe especially with regard to the access to the nature .”

Image credits: Facebook/Elvi Joensen


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