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Farmer’s gone full-blown “Art Galt” as he nearly plows into Danish female tourists

It appears Saksun’s notorious big farmer Jóhan Jógvansson has gone full-blown ”Art Galt” as news broke today that two female tourists from Denmark were allegedly threatened by him on a visit to Saksun last Thursday.

In an interview with Kringvarp Føroya (Kvf.fo), the young women explain that the ill-tempered farmer yelled and swore at them when they drove past him after they had filmed him with his dog and a flock of sheep.

According to the women, Jógvansson later drove aggressively towards them on Saksun’s one-lane road when they were on their way out of the village again – and almost plowed into them.

”He speeds up and there is less than a meter between his car and our car. So we have to reverse and pull to the right as we were afraid of being struck. It almost felt like he tried to force us off the road”, explain the shell-shocked women.

According to Kringvarp Føroya, Mr. Jógvansson claims he does not remember this particular incident. However, he does not deny that the incident took place.

Earlier this week, Jógvansson caused controversy as he admitted he was the one who wrote ”this is not Disneyland. Tourists, go home” on a wagon that stood in the village of Saksun. Jógvansson denied that the message on the wagon was directed at the tourists who visited the village of Saksun yesterday. Instead he claimed that the message was directed to the new development department of Visit Faroe Islands


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