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A celebration of Faroese seafood

The annual Faroe Islands Seafood Festival has truly cemented its place on the yearly calendar of events in the Faroe Islands. The festival, held for the fourth consecutive year on 5 May, highlights the remarkable seafood resources in the ocean surrounding the islands.

Called “Ein dagur á grynnuni” in Faroese, meaning “a day at the sea bank”, the festival sees thousands of people gather in downtown Tórshavn for an eco- and family-friendly food feast. The seafood on offer, which includes salmon, maceral, langoustines and mussels, is sponsored solely by Faroese fish companies from all over the country and is served for free. Admission and the many activities on offer are also free of charge.

The Faroe Islands Seafood Festival is a celebration of Faroese seafood and gives people the opportunity to taste seafood prepared in new and interesting ways. It is also a fantastic way to pass along the appreciation and knowledge of Faroese seafood to younger generations. Fish of all sorts are on show in open boxes, with signs explaining each type of fish. Children are encouraged to touch the fish. This is often the only chance some children get to see and feel the Faroe Islands’ most important natural resource.

The festival’s main attraction is the tasty seafood, but it also includes a variety of happenings. The Faroese Aquarium will display several types of fish, B36 Football Club will organise entertainment for children using football-related games, and RIB62 will offer free rides with their speedboats, among many other things.

The festival aims to be as environment-friendly as possible. All the material used at the festival, such as plates, cups and cutlery, is made from eco-friendly materials, and no disposable plates, cups or cutlery is used.

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday 5 May from 10am to 5pm. A programme and more information can be found on the festival’s Facebook page (English version, Faroese version).

Words: Levi Hanssen
Pic: Ein dagur á grynnuni
Originally published on: Faroeislands.fo


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