Traveler tests positive for Covid variant in first-in-a-month registered case for Faroe

Image credits: Daniel Schludi — Unsplash

Several weeks after the Faroe Islands were declared Covid free for the second time this year, a traveler tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival, according to health authorities.

The person in question tested positive for the British Covid variant (B.1.1.7), we’re told.

This is the first case to be registered in the Faroe Islands since March 12th, and there has been no locally transmitted cases in Faroe since January 25th.

This puts the current number of active cases of Covid-19 registered in Faroe at one, with the total number of cases so far amounting to 662, of which 660 have subsequently been declared healthy. So far one person has died with the disease, however that person had notably been hospitalized with serious, unrelated illness prior to contracting the virus.

As of noon on April 15th, more than 9,300 people in the Faroes have been vaccinated with Pfizers Covid vaccine, equal to to 17.6 percent of the countrys total population. Roughly 4,400  people — corresponding to 8.2 percent of the inhabitants — have received both vaccine doses.

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