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Immigrants encouraged to contact Integration Officer for general guidance

“Moving to a new country can be exciting and enriching but can also be challenging,” the Faroese Immigration Office notes as it encourages immigrants to seek general advice from the Integration Officer should they need to do so.

“It is not always easy to know who one should contact when needing advice or guidance,” a statement from the office read, adding: “Now, immigrants can contact the Integration Officer at the Faroese Immigration Office for guidance on practical information such as where and how they can change their driver’s license to the Faroese license or where they can learn Faroese. Immigrants can also request an appointment for an integration consultation to receive advice and guidance tailored to their circumstances and needs.”

That consultation is meant for those who move to the Faroe Islands on a family residence permit or on a work permit with accompanying family members.

“The consultation is not available to Nordic citizens. It is important to note that contacting the Integration Officer is voluntary and this does not affect one’s residence permit. The Integration Officer is not part of processing residence permit cases and the consultation is confidential.”

The statement continued: “During the consultation, the immigrant’s personal background will be discussed such as where they are from, their educational level and work experiences, family situation and interests, and their plans in the Faroes. If children are involved, their situation and interests may also be discussed, if the parents are interested. In addition, immigrants will receive general information on rights and duties as well as what is expected of them. They will also receive guidance on relevant areas on the welfare system if relevant. The Integration Officer can also refer to other colleagues or public authorities if necessary.”

According to the Faroese Immigration Office, the Integration Officer can also cooperate with other public and local authorities and organizations, the private sector, non-profit organizations, sports associations, and others who have regular contact with immigrants.

Durita Kastalag was hired as Integration Officer at the Faroese Immigration Office on November 1st, 2020, in a position that is temporary, expiring by November 1st this year.

Interested individuals are free to contact Ms. Kastalag at the Faroese Immigration Office by either calling 3566099 or 357979 or emailing duritak@vs.fo or info@utlendingastovan.fo.


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