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All official Covid-related restrictions in Faroe finally lifted

On February 28th 2022, the Faroe Islands officially said goodbye to the last Covid restrictions and resumed to pre-Covid normalcy; that means no more testing, no more quarantines, or other similar Covid-related measures of any kind.

“We are returning to a daily life that is not consumed by Covid-19,” an announcement from the Government’s information service ‘Korona,fo’. “All Covid-19 [related] restrictions will be lifted from today 28th February 2022. This means that it is no longer recommended to get tested for Coronavirus and/or to quarantine.”

The message continued: “Despite a high number of infected people and some hospitalizations because of Covid-19, the hospital system is not under undue pressure, and it is assessed that essential institutions will not be significantly affected by lifting all Covid-19 [related] restrictions. Which is why the people of the Faroe Islands now can return to a daily life that is not consumed by Covid-19.”

“Looking forward, we should start regarding Covid-19 as a natural part of our daily lives, as we do with other illnesses,” we’re told. “In the same way as with the common flu or colds, each one of us is individually responsible for whether we wish to expose ourselves to the risk of Covid-19 infection.”

With the restrictions lifted, the government is also no longer offering PCR testing as a free public service.

From now on, people who need or request a PCR test from the public healthcare system will receive information by a relevant healthcare professional; people who want a PCR test for other reasons, such as traveling abroad, will have to contact a private laboratory.

Likewise, it is no longer an official recommendation that people infected with Covid-19 enter into quarantine. Instead, each individual is responsible for assessing whether or not they may be exposing others to infection.

For the past two years, about 778,000 PCR tests have been conducted in the Fareo Islands, about half a million of them by the public healthcare system.

The first Covid case in the Faroe Islands was registered on March 3rd 2020. Since then, a total of 34,648 cases have been registered on the island nation. 626 cases were registered in 2020, in 2021 the number was 5,455, and so far this year, a total of 28,567 cases have been registered. A total of 31 people have died with Covid, according to official reports.

Now that the government has stopped mass testing, there will likely be no more reports of Covid cases.

Chief Medical Officer, Lars Fodgaard Møller said he estimates that the majority of the Faroese population has been infected with the Omicron variant.

93 percent of the Faroese population, aged 12 and up, have been vaccinated against Covid — 77.7 percent of the total population — of which 91,1 pc. have received two jabs, and 53 pc. have received a first booster.


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