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Return of everyday life greeted by heavy rainfall — video

With the summer holiday season drawing to a close for most of the Faroese people, wet weather, as if right on cue, set in on Tuesday across the islands — quite a torrent. 

A car ride from Sund northwest of Tórshavn to Kaldbak across the bay and back left no doubt as to what kind of weather conditions were sweeping the peaks, valleys and fjords — creeks were overflowing with rainwater as far as the eye could see. 

Anyone who ventured outside — as we did by the way but for a brief moment — would for sure get drenched in no time, unless properly covered by rainwear.

In its own right, the downpour offered countless stunning views all over the place, with waterfalls cascading down the hills in full force.

Luckily the skies cleared on Wednesday August 10th, with creeks and streams, however, still running strong.

Conditions such as these are by no means uncommon in the Faroes; yet the massive amounts of rain that fell down on Tuesday and the night before, only a week into August, took many islanders by surprise — which is quite something in the context of rain in this particular part of the world.


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