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Spineless Skorheim leaves Zachariasen high and dry after Klaksvík’s City Council admits to inadvertently damaging historical settlement

Klaksvík City Council has admitted to inadvertently damaging one of the oldest settlements in Klaksvík, Akursmørk, reports Kringvarp Føroya.

“Our work has simply been inadequate,” says Kristian Eli Zachariasen, chairman of the Environmental and Town Planning Committee.

Mr. Zachariassen was forced to face awkward questions from Faroese news outlets as Jógvan Skorheim, the mayor of Klaksvík, went into hiding after the embarrassing blunder was revealed earlier this week.

Klaksvík City Council started constructing a new grove at Akursmørk without realizing that the area contains antiquities. The antiquities emerged after the excavation work had started – and on Monday, the National Museum thus ordered the suspension of the construction work, writes Kvf.fo.

“The City Council takes full responsibility for this mistake,” says Zachariasen.

The excavation work was scheduled for completion in mid-June, but now a two-week delay is expected. Once this part of the project is completed, the city gardener will start decorating the area.

It has long been known that a large number of antiquities are buried in Klaksvík.

Akursmørk is believed to be the oldest settlement in Klaksvík, and the area is included on the National Museum’s map of antiquity sites in the Faroe Islands.


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