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Number of reported cases of Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands ‘very accurate’ — study

A newly completed study led by the Public Health Administration of the Faroe Islands concludes that the numbers of Covid-19 cases reported to date in the island nation have been highly accurate.

According to two separate surveys conducted by the Public Health Administration, the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority, the National Hospital, the University of the Faroe Islands, and the Faroe Islands’ Chief Medical Officer, the number of unreported cases is extremely low.

That means the less than a total 550 Covid-19 cases registered to date, over a period of ten months, is very likely to represent a true picture of the actual situation.

During the spring, 1075 randomly selected individuals participated the first query, with only six of them found to have Covid-19 antibodies, corresponding to 0.6 percent of the persons surveyed.

The second investigation took place in late November, with 960 individuals between the ages of 0 and 98 tested for antibodies. Of these, three tested positive, which corresponds to 0.3 percent of the persons surveyed.

Based on the two surveys, the Public Health Administration’s study concludes that the Faroe Islands’ official statistics on the number of Covid-19 cases have been “very accurate” and that the number of people in the country who’ve had Covid-19 without their knowledge is minimal. Hence the Faroese Covid-19 strategy, which includes easy public access to testing plus comprehensive contact tracing and quarantine measures, has been deemed highly effective and the most likely reason for the number of unreported cases being so low.


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