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‘Sálarkvøl’ (‘Heavy Heart’) documentary on artist Elin J. Smith claims double Geytin prize

Faroese documentary ‘Sálarkvøl’ [‘Heavy Heart’], directed by Eir Í Ólavsstovu, won both of this year’s Geytin awards, as announced last weekend during the award event, held for the 10th time last weekend.

The Audience Award, worth 30,000 DKK, sponsored by Tórshavn Municipality, and the Geytin Award, worth 40,000 DKK, sponsored by Runavík Municipality, were both claimed by the moving documentary on the director’s old friend, artist Elin J. Smith.

This was the second consecutive year that the awards show was broadcast on live TV and also the second consecutive year where one single film won both awards.

“This took me completely by surprise”, was í Ólavstovu’s immediate reaction. “This was my first time participating and really I thought I didn’t stand a chance.”

Previous motion pictures to have won both awards:

2014: ‘Skuld’ — Heiðrikur á Heygum
2016: ‘Et knæk’ — Andrias Høgenni
2021: ‘Handanland’ — Barbara Lervig

13 films were entered for consideration this year with six of them selected by the jury. Apart from the winner, the five other films in the running for this year’s Geytin:

‘Ver Her’ (‘Stay Here’) — Maria Winther Olsen
‘Tokskinnarin’ (‘Train Tracks’) — Terji Mohr
‘Typiskt’ (‘Typical’) — Sølvi Næs Hoydal
‘Steinbíturin’ (‘Cat Fish’) — Klippfisk (Dina Fríða Poulsen)
‘Nonstop’ — Sølvi Næs Hoydal


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