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First ten acts for G! Festival 2021 announced

The G! Festival was one of many events cancelled last summer due to the global health crisis, however organizers are hoping to avoid such disruptions for the 2021 edition of the popular music festival — in the process marking its 20th anniversary.

With ticket sales for the 2021 instalment of the G! Festival now having commenced, customers will not be charged until May 1st — that is the deadline set for a final decision on whether or not to proceed as planned with the event.

“We’re working on making G! 2021 as normal as possible, but if the G! Festival will be limiting the number of attendees, the first ones to purchase tickets will have priority,” the G! Festival organization announced in a press release.

According to the announcement, camping spots can not be purchased until May 1st.

The festival is planned for July 15th – 17th 2021, and the first ten acts have been announced, five foreign and five Faroese acts:

• José Gonzáles (Sweden)
• Tessa (Denmark)
• Eivør (Faroe Islands)
• Busy P (Fance)
• MYD (France)
• Brimheim (Faroe Islands)
• Auður (Iceland)
• Silvurdrongur (Faroe Islands)
• Ghost Notes (Faroe Islands)
• Raske Drenge (Faroe Islands/Belgium)


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