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New Year’s Eve celebrations at Vágur set to be relatively lame this year

It’s an open secret that the Faroe Islands’ true capital of New Year’s Eve celebrations is the town Vágur on the island Suðuroy. Accordingly, every year the festivities attract thousands of visitors, not merely from around the Faroe Islands but indeed from all over the world.

As for this new year’s eve, however, amid the global health crisis and associated restrictions, the local organizers have opted to tone down the spectacle, which traditionally features a grand torch parade, dazzling candle light trails, a huge bonfire and fireworks show and, of course, a dance party.

That means this time around there will be no official dance party, no torch parade and no big bonfire, as these events will likely gather large crowds. On the other hand, at least, we’re told, there will be a fireworks show and there will be candle light trails.

Meanwhile participants are advised to practice social distancing and party at home rather than gathering in large crowds.

At the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Vágur last year, 160 people participated in the torch parade, among them a Mexican named Marko — as reported here.


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