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Faroese Prime Minister: I hope another nationwide lock-down won’t be necessary

On 12 March, when the Faroe Islands had three confirmed cases of COVID-19, the country went into lock-down. With three travellers testing positive this weekend, the Faroe Islands once again, after months of no active cases, find themselves in a similar situation.

But this time three cases is not enough to call for a nationwide lock-down, Bárður á Steig Nielsen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, says.

Today we know more about COVID-19 and what to expect from the disease, hence the Faroe Islands are much better prepared than they were in March, he said in Kringvarp Føroya’s news broadcast, Dagur og vika, on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister adds that he does not regret reopening the borders for travellers in June.

– It was a necessary decision, because no society in this globalized world can survive in isolation for too long.

Bárður á Steig Nielsen hopes that another nationwide lock-down won’t be necessary, and if the disease were to spread in the Faroe Islands again, they will close down local areas instead.

No one has contracted the disease on Faroese soil since 6 April.

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