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It’s official – Sarah Mahfoud is the official IBF featherweight world champion

On 1 February, Sarah Mahfoud defeated Brenda Carabajal from Argentina in Frederiksberg Hallerne. In defeating Brenda Carabajal, the interim world champion at the time, Sarah Mahfoud, who is half-Faroese and lived in Vestmanna until she was four years old, also won her title.

As of Monday, her title is no longer temporary.

Jennifer Han from the USA, the previous holder of the championship title, had not defended it since February 2018 due to her pregnancy, hence the International Boxing Federation decided to host a new match for the title, which Brenda Carabajal won. When Sarah Mahfoud defeated Carabajal in February, she only won the interim championship title, as she had not defeated the actual holder of the championship title.

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But on Monday, it was announced that Jennifer Han had renounced her championship title, making Sarah Mahfoud the official new IBF featherweight world champion. She is the first Dane to hold that title.

It’s good that they’ve finally established who the true champion is, although going up against Jennifer Han would have been exciting, says Sarah Mahfoud who is excited to defend her title.


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