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Faroese music artists ‘impress’ at Brighton’s Great Escape festival

Just about a week ago, this year’s Great Escape festival took place in Brighton, England, with a total of five Faroese artists performing—Aggrasoppar, Frum, Jazzygold, Marianna Winther, and Brimheim.

This wasn’t the first time the Faroe Islands were represented at the festival, however it was the first time the islands were represented by this many artists.

According to official music promotion agency Faroe Music Export a.k.a. FMX, the Faroese artists drew a decent amount of attention. 

“I’m very proud of what we managed to accomplish at this year’s Great Escape,” FMX director Glenn Larsen told Faroese news media.

Fríði Djurhuus, an FMX representative who attended the festival in Brighton noted that he was impressed with the quality of the performance of the Faroese musicians, in some cases arguably exceeding that of local ones.

“Among the attendants were people who work in the music industry and they were seemed very pleased and wanted to make contact with the Faroese representatives,” Mr. Djurhuus was quoted as saying. “This will pay off, both for the performers but also for the Faroese music industry as a whole,” he added.


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