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29 more immigrants complete Faroese language course

Three more classes of immigrants received their diploma in Faroese As a Second Language earlier this week, Tórshavn Municipality announced on its website.

For several years, the Evening School of Tórshavn (Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli) has offered Faroese language courses for immigrants. 

The Evening School of Tórshavn currently has eight classes in Faroese As a Second Language being taught across the islands—three in Tórshavn, two in Sørvágur, and three socalled reception classes, one of whuch is for immigrant children, one for children from Ukraine and one for adults from Ukraine.

The classes have been taught by Vár Hansen, Jóna Kristin Thomsen, and Petra Olsen, with substitute teachers including Bergljót av Skarði, Bernhardina Klein and Petra Gregersen, whereas Ukrainian students have been taught by Heidi Winther Egholm.

Faroese As a Second Language is being taught at three levels and some students have managed to complete all three in only six months, we’re told.

A total of 29 immigrants received their diploma on May 16th, according to the announcement. Diplomas were handed out by Jógvan Sørin Hansen, Head of the Evening School, with Helena Dam á Neystabø, of the Ministry of Children and Education, giving a speech.

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