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Bakkafrost: – We have a duty to ensure we act sustainably

Press release by Bakkafrost: On 19 March we launched our first sustainability report, outlining a two-year plan to address important sustainability issues for the company. As the largest salmon farmer in the Faroe Islands, we have a duty to ensure we act sustainably; which means thinking long-term on economic, social, and environmental issues.

We believe that by investing in the health of our business, our people, our salmon, the environment and the communities in which we operate, we will create long-term value for society – meeting the growing global demand for protein, responsibly.

This next step in our journey includes a new sustainability vision to enable healthy living around the world, by producing healthy world-class salmon. Our new Healthy Living Plan is built on twenty issues which we identified together with our key stakeholders. Building on our work to date, we have made a series of commitments against these, which we will report against every year, as we work towards five strategic priorities.

The report also outlines our performance in 2017, which includes…

– Favourable customer feedback scores: 96% of customers were satisfied, more than satisfied, or very satisfied with product quality.

– 1,104 (960 full-time equivalent) employees from 24 of the 29 municipalities in the Faroe Islands working for us.

– The roll out of cleaner fish and sea lice delicing service vessels to reduce the use of medicine.

–  The opening one of the most modern processing plants in the world, with capability to convert heat created in our packaging production to heat the building and partly power our processing operation.

– Paying more than 400 million DKK in salaries and employee costs, almost 320 million DKK in corporate and revenue taxes and almost 2 million DKK to local community projects.

By 2020 we commit to…

– Invest in a new biogas plant in collaboration with other Faroese farmers, using waste products from fish and dairy farming to produce energy and fertilizer.

– Renew our employee strategy and launch a new employee engagement survey.

– Maintain our high omega 3 levels and high customer satisfaction with our salmon quality.

– Implement a sustainable feed policy.

– Set up a new Healthy Living Fund to channel our community investment through.Source: Bakkafrost.com


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