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Artist Bárður Jákupsson awarded Faroese National Culture Prize

The Faroese National Culture Prize 2018 was awarded to artist Bárður Jákupsson at an awards ceremony in Fuglafjørður on 23 January.

The prize, which is awarded annually, is to appreciate people with particularly enthusiastic and diverse work in their respective fields. Two other awards were also given. Artist Astrid Andreassen was handed a national ‘token of respect’ award for her contribution in documenting the legacy of Faroese culture and nature through scientific drawings, and dancer Búi Roach was awarded Young Artist of the Year for his ability to guide audiences through sensuous dance.

The Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Aksel V. Johannesen, was on hand to present the awards. In his speech, he highlighted the importance that all three have in enriching the Faroese cultural- and art scene.

He said: “You three are great examples of how rich and vibrant our art and cultural scene is. Thank you for your incredible contribution in enriching the Faroe Islands.”

The five-person jury underlined Bárður’s stubbornness, perseverance, skill, courage and special competence.

A section of their statement read: “Bárður Jákupsson is one of our most active book artists. For more than half a century, and in a time when books rarely had drawings in them, Bárður illustrated a vast array of children’s books, schoolbooks, specialist books, short stories and periodicals. His characteristic lines have put their mark on all these works.”

All three were given prize money in addition to their recognition. Bárður Jákupsson received DKK150,000, Astrid Andreassen DKK75,000 and Búi Roach 50,000.

Words: Levi Hanssen
Originally published on: Faroeislands.fo


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