40 starlings found dead in sheep house on Borðoy

Image credits: Hans Jørgin Nysted/Facebook
Image credits: Hans Jørgin Nysted/Facebook

When Hans Jørgin Nysted stopped by his sheep house in the outfields north of Norðdepil on Thursday, he found a long row of starlings lying dead on the floor, right below the window.

This is a rare sight, says Mr. Nysted who counted about 40 birds after taking a picture of his discovery.

In the picture, which was also posted on Facebook, you can see the starlings exactly the way he found them. But how they ended up like that, he has no idea.

Mr. Nysted explains that it can’t have been something they ate inside the house, because there was nothing but sheep and dry hay, and the door is always open so the sheep can come and go as they please.

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