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Hoyvik H71 women’s handball team advance to EHF European Cup

Hoyvík women’s handball club H71 last weekend secured their advancement in the EHF European Cup by winning both their matches against SC Witasek Ferlach from Austria with a combined score of 59-43.

Last year the team managed to reach the quarter finals of the tournament, however, due to the war in Ukraine, the team was unable to travel to Lviv, Ukraine for their first quarter final, and the match was ruled in favor of Ukraines HC Galychanka Lviv, which also ended up winning the second quarter final in Tórshavn.

On Friday H71 won their first match 30-23, with their goals scored as follows: Marita Mortensen 7, Jana Mittún 6, Guðrið á Borg 4, Vár Bentsdóttir Zachariasen 3, Lív Bentsdóttir Zachariassen 3, Anna Elisabeth Halsdóttir Weyhe 3, Elsa Egholm 2, Brynhild Pálsdóttir 1, Lukka Arge 1.

On the following day, H71 ended up winning by 29-20, with their goals scored as follows: Lukka Arge 8, Jana Mittún 5, Anna Elisabeth Halsdóttir Weyhe 4, Guðrið á Borg 4, Marita Mortensen 2, Vár Bentsdóttir Zachariasen 1, Lív Bentsdóttir Zachariasen 1, Brynhild Pállsdóttir 1, Christina Arge 1, Sára Jacobsen 1, Inga Maria Joensen 1.

Next up, in December, according to an announcement made on Tuesday, the Hoyvík team will be facing off against Slavia Prag from the Czech Republic, who beat Holon HC from Israel in the last round with a combined score of 71-36 from both matches.

Slavia Prag played both their first matches in the Czech Republic, while H71 played theirs in Austria, and the teams now have to negotiate the location of their two-match clash in December. Given that the Czech team played both their games on home turf whereas H71 played both theirs away, it might arguably be a reasonable suggestion that the next matches be played in the Faroes. The location, however, remains to be announced.


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