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18 registered COVID-19 cases

Yesterday there were 11 known cases of COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands, but as a result of the 190 tests conducted on Sunday, that number has now been updated to 18.

Three of the cases are employees at a daycare in Klaksvík. The first employee was diagnosed last week, and the remaining employees have since been in quarantine.

A number of Faroese citizens are returning to the country these days, and they are all advised to remain quarantined for two weeks after their return, but not everyone has taken this advice to heart.

– Unfortunately, I can only conclude from what I’ve seen these past few weeks that there are some, who don’t follow the instructions concerning quarantine. If we are to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the Faroe Islands, it is important that everyone takes these instructions seriously, says Lars Fodgaard Møller, chief medical officer of the Faroe Islands.


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