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M19 EHF Championship: Faroe Islands to play Slovakia in semifinal

The Faroese M19 national handball team have secured themselves a place in the semifinal in the M19 EHF Championship in Bulgaria after beating the Czech Republic 31-28 on August 19th.

Two days earlier, the Faroese beat Bulgaria 40-25, following the Czech Republic’s 33-18 victory over Bulgaria the previous day.

In Thursday’s match, the Faroe Islands was leading by three goals after five minutes, but the Czech team managed to catch up, and when the first half ended both teams were tied with 15 goals each.

35 minutes into the match, the Czech team was leading 19-18, but the Faroese managed to get back in the lead, and the match ended 31-28 to the Faroese. The top scorer for the Faroese team was Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu, who scored a total 13 goals during the match.

On Saturday August 21st, the Faroese team will face Slovakia in the semifinal, while the Czechs will go up against Belarus.


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