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In a stunning first, Faroe Islands win M19 European Handball Championship

Sensationally the Faroe Islands came out winners of the M19 EHF Championship, beating Belarus 31-30 in a thriller of a final on August 22nd.

The exceedingly close match between Faroe and Belarus saw the Faroese manage in the end to come out on top by a single goal’s margin. Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu, the Faroe Islands’ top scorer, raked in a total 13 goals.

With the victory in the final against Belarus in Varna, Bulgaria, the Faroese M19 and M18 teams are eligible to compete in next year’s European Handball Championship.

Thus next summer, the current Faroese M19 and M18 national handball teams will be representing the Faroe Islands in the European Handball Championship. That means next year’s M20 and M19 national handball teams will compete in the European Championships in July 2022.

The M19 team’s win is a major accomplishment, Faroese Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen noted, a former handball player himself.

“I have been following these players, and I know how advanced and talented they are.” the Prime Minister said. “Therefore I am not surprised that they did so well. We’ve never before seen a Faroese national team make it to the European Championships. Now we will, and it warms my heart.”


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