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Sharp year-on-year rise in number of air passengers for July

Image credits: Vagar Airport.

The number of travelers passing through Vagar Airport remains a far cry from 2019 levels, however traffic statistics are now rising decidedly, according to an announcement released by the airport authority.

With 40,858 people passing through Vagar Airport in July this year, the Faroe Islands’ sole airport saw a 27-percent traffic increase on last year’s July, although the July 2021 numbers fall short, by one-third, of reaching the equivalent level of those of July 2019.

According to public broadcaster KvF, the number of departures at Vagar totaled 459 for July 2021, a 13.6-percent increase on last year’s July.

According to the statistics, moreover, July was the busiest month of this year, with June the second-most busiest, seeing 17,906 passengers going through the airport terminals.

The total number of travelers passing through Vagar Airport in 2020 was almost 180,000, we’re told. Meanwhile, as far as concerns this year, just below 100,000 passengers have passed the gates there to date.

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