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Faroese films on screen in London for the first time


This weekend, April 8th and 9th, four Faroese films will be shown in London for the first time at the Noridic Exposure Festival at Jackson’s Lane in Highgate.

The films featured are ‘111 góðir dagar’ (111 Good Days),  ‘Sum einglar vit falla’ (Falling Angels), ‘Julian’s Ladder’ and two episodes of new TV series ‘Seks spurningar um at vera menniskja’ (Six Questions About Being Human).

Last weekend the films ‘Brother Troll’ and ‘Skál’ were shown at the South Social Film Festival at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. Gudmund Helmsdal, the filmmaker behind ‘Brother Troll’ and Dania O. Tausen and Trygvi Danielsen, main characters in the ‘Skál’ documentary, participated.

The events were sponsored by the Faroese representative office in London.

Marita Dalsgaard, actress and producer, has selected the films and will be presenting them. These will be the Faroese contribution at the Nordic Exposure Festival, which lasts from March through May, featuring acting, circus and more.

‘111 góðir dagar’: Trygvi Danielsens astonishing film revolves around two men, and two lost souls, who continue to meet by chance under multifaceted circumstances, until they find that a greater power unites them. Darkly funny, this is a stunning exploration of male friendship.
Written & directed by Trygvi Danielsen
Running time: 93 minutes
Suitable for ages 12+

‘Julian’s Ladder’: Julian, a 10-year-old orphaned boy, tries to escape a dystopian city on the verge of collapse with his new-found friend, Tun Tun, in this beautifully animated film from director Atli Brix Kamban and writer Anton Breum. As a screenwriter, my job was to make the story as precise as possible, write believable dialogue, and bring out the movies central theme: fear.”
Running time: 17 mins
Suitable for ages 8+

‘Sum einglar vit falla’: Falling Angels is a romantic drama directed by Maria Winther Olsen and produced by Josefine Pil. It tells the story of Julia, a young Christian girl living in the Faroe Islands with her pious parents. As the priests daughter, she is obviously protected by a family cocoon that isolates her a bit from people of her age. So when the beautiful Barbara moves into town, Julia secretly unveils a new facet of life by genuinely exploring her feelings and deeply falling into sapphism. Now engaged in a forbidden love, Julia tries to navigate between a sincere desire to please everyone around her, do everything the right way and not to offend the heart of Barbara. The protagonists are portrayed by Maria Winther Olsen and Elin Mørkøre Dalberg. The film won the acclaimed Iris Prize.
Directed by Maria Winther Olsen.
Produced by Josefine Pil.
Cinematography by Clara Kokseby
Running time: 28 mins
Suitable for ages 15 +

‘Seks spurningar um at vera menniskja’: Where am I? Does he have to live forever? Is there a way to capture the light? This surreal existentialist Faroese TV show was made for children but adults too will love this off-the-wall exploration of the big questions in life. Here we show two episodes, premiered in February 2022. The pilot won the ultimate Faroese Film Award, Geytan.
Running time: 40 mins (2 x 20 mins)
Suitable for ages 8+

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