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American rock band Steelheart, four more Faroese names join Summar Festival line-up


Organizers of Klaksvík’s Summar Festival have announced five new names for the 2022 line-up including one foreign and four Faroese ones.

American rock band Steelheart will be performing at this year’s Summar Festival, which takes place in Klaksvík on August 4th – 6th. The band, which performs classic guitar rock, has released hits like “I’ll Never Let You Go”, “She’s Gone”, and “We All Die Young”.

The band originates from the US state of Connecticut and later moved to Los Angeles, where they got their first record deal and released their first album in 1990. Most of their most famous songs originate from their debut album, which sold gold in the US.

Meanwhile domestic names Eyðun Nolsøe, Páll Brim, Hjalmar & Dagfinn, and Eyðun Jacobsen, were also added to this year’s line-up.

Singer-songwriter Eyðun Nolsøe is among the biggest hitmakers on the Faroese music scene, having stayed musically active ever since his youth. Nolsøe was long part of the group Frændur, however since the 1990s he has mostly performed and recorded as a solo artist. Hits by Nolsøe include “80ini” and “Dansa”.

Hjalmar and Dagfinn are well known both individually and as a strong duo. Dagfinn has also performed in the group Springs and released music under the name Dagfinn & Impulz. Hjalmar was a member of popular Suðuroy-based band Júmen and has performed in other bands as well.

Singer-songwriter Páll Brim has likewise been active on the Faroese music scene for a good many years. He was a member of the band Danny & The Veetos and subsequently released music as a solo artist, with hits such as “Victory”, “Void of my Soul” and “Góð, góð, góð”.

Eyðun Jacobsen is well-known in the Faroe Islands as a gospel singer-songwriter, and as a person helping other artists with their releases, having made numerous trips to Nashville, Tennessee to record music. Since the 1980s he has released gospel music and performed in bands and choirs and as a solo artist.

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