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Statue of Nólsoyar Páll placed at waterfront as Vágsbotnur square refurbished

A new square and refurbished surrounding areas at Vágsbotnur by the main marina in downtown Tórshavn was presented to the public on Friday.

Intended to host different cultural and commercial events, wooden booths for sales and displays had also been set up on a wooden terrace at the square, alongside a seating area.

Nearly 100 meters of wooden promenade have also been placed along the Fish Market at the marina, making it convenient to stroll by, have a seat and or otherwise enjoy oneself in the area.

Notably, the statue of national hero Nólsoyar Páll, which for a number of years had been standing in the middle of the Vágsbotnur square until taken down in November 2020, has now been placed on a new platform right at the waterfront.

According to Tórshavn Municipality, this is a temporary arrangement meant to test different ideas for the arrangement of the area during the summer. 

“These arrangements will serve as guidelines for which long-term measures will be deemed most beneficial to the area’s role as a public space to enjoy and spend time in,” Mayor Heðin Mortensen noted in a public address.

“We all love Vágsbotnur,” he said, and went on to give an account of the area’s history and and all the various businesses who have resided in the area over the years.

Mr. Mortensen added that Vágsbotnur has become a proper part of the city center in recent years, with its restaurants and market, and with its growing stature the Tórshavn Municipality wanted to have the area arranged more appropriately.

“The purpose is to modernize the entire Vágsbotnur square, to improve the conditions for buying and selling at Vágsbotnur, while also making room for more cultural events to take place.”

The mayor also noted the new location of the statue of Nólsoyar Páll, over which he had already given a speech back in 1995 when the statue was first revealed.

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