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Atlantic Airways announces scheduled direct flights to ten destinations for 2022

With the air travel business at last appearing to be recovering across Europe, Faroese national carrier Atlantic Airways has announced scheduled direct flights to ten destinations for the coming year.

The listed destinations include Copenhagen, Aalborg, Billund, Edinburgh, Paris, Oslo, Keflavík, Gran Canaria, Barcelona and Mallorca.

The airline will operate direct flights between the Faroe Islands and Iceland on Mondays and Fridays year around, and come easter also on Wednesdays.

The new route between Vagar and Oslo is scheduled for every Wednesday throughout the year, and from easter through October 16th, an additional flight will be scheduled every Sunday, we’re told.

From April 7th to December 22nd, Atlantic Airways will be running regular flights betweeen Vagar and Edinburgh every Monday and Thursday, and from May 12th to October 17th, there will also be flights to and from Paris on the same days.

As for direct scheduled flights between Vagar and Gran Canaria, this highly popular destination has also been scheduled from November 2nd to February 15th 2022.

Lastly, direct flights to Mallorca and Barcelona have been scheduled for next summer, according to Atlantic Airways. These flights have been scheduled for every Tuesday from June 7th to September 27th. Flights between Mallorca and Vagar, meanwhile, have been scheduled for Wednesdays from June 22nd through August 17th.


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