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Intercultural Family Retreat to be held at Nesvík

Red Cross Faroe Islands is planning to host its annual Intercultural Family Retreat at Nesvík from October 22nd to 24th.

The main topic for this year’s retreat is ‘Sharing Stories’ with participants getting the opportunity to share their personal stories and hear other people’s intercultural stories from around the world.

“The event offers an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations from across the islands, learn, and have a good time,” Red Cross Faroe Islands said.

Looking to attract families and individuals of all backgrounds in the Faroe Islands, the program, which can be viewed here, includes workshops, fun activities for kids, musical performances, games and informal relaxation.

Anyone wanting to participate will need to sign up soon — that is, before October 17th, the charity organization noted.

There is an all-inclusive 300 DKK registration fee per family, which covers the stay as well as meals for all family members, we’re told. 

The main language for the retreat will be English. People who are new to the Faroes as well as people who have lived here for a long time are welcome, Red Cross Faroe Islands said, adding that any questions regarding the retreat can be directed to the organization.

More information can be found here…


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