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Another nationwide lock-down is unlikely but more local measures might be introduced if COVID-19 returns

Around the globe, the number of COVID-19 infections is starting to rise again, and as a result of that, restrictions meant to stop the spread of the virus have been reinstated in several areas.

However, the Faroese need not fear another nationwide lock-down like the one we saw in March, if the virus makes a comeback, Dr. Pál Weihe tells Hvat.fo.

– I imagine we’ll be introducing measures at a more local level, if the virus comes back. That seems like the most rational course of action in my opinion. This means that we’ll be asking people from certain villages or areas to stay indoors while exercising caution and following the guidelines concerning personal hygiene, he says. As an example, if a person from Sandavágur or Miðvágur tests positive, it is likely that the entire island of Vágar will be placed under lock-down.

But the future strategy will depend on the number of cases.

– If there are only a few cases, it’ll naturally be easier to trace them, but if we have one person infecting a lot of people who ends up spreading it all over the country, the situation might call for more drastic measures. That is why I’ve talked a lot about ólavsøka, says Pál Weihe, who fears the upcoming celebration of ólavsøka could end up spreading the virus.

– Ólavsøka poses a risk, because it includes large gatherings, but if we feel that we have the situation under control, and if we only end up with a few cases, I don’t think it’ll be necessary to do what we did in March. None of us wants that.

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