Skálavík’s new Mølin Guesthouse opens for business

Image credits: Mølin Guesthouse.

As of June 24th, anyone can book a room at the new Mølin Guesthouse, in Skálavík on Sandoy.

The hotel has a capacity of up of ten 22-square meter rooms, each with a private bathroom and a good ocean view.

On Sunday the hotel will hold an opening reception for the public from 2 to 5pm, the owners announced.

“Bookings are slowly starting to tick in, although we havent advertised much yet, so we expect more to come,” said Martin Karl Olsen, who owns the hotel along with his wife, Birita Dalsgaard Olsen. 

Since 2018 the couple have been running the cafe Caféin á Møluni, located next to the new hotel.

As of Thursday, theyd received the first dozen bookings for the summer.

Were very excited and hopeful that this will turn out a success,” Mr. Olsen commented. “At least we expect to receive quite a few Faroese guests for this summer.”

People can book a room at the hotel online via

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