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First Nations League matches likely to be played without spectators

The Faroese Football Association has yet to receive news from UEFA regarding the matter of spectators at their Nations League matches against Malta and Andorra next month.

However, Virgar Hvidbro, The Faroese Football Association’s general secretary, expects the matches to be played without spectators.

– I imagine we’ll be notified of their decision within the next week. We have a digital meeting scheduled this week, and I’m sure we’ll be notified then. As of now we know nothing, but I expect us to be told that we’ll be playing without spectators, to make it equal for everyone, he tells Hvat.fo.

The Faroe Islands have a home match against Malta on 3 September and one away against Andorra on 6 September. The Faroe Islands also have two home matches in October against Latvia and Andorra, but it is yet unclear, whether they’ll have spectators by then.

The Faroe Islands also have  another two matches away in November against Latvia and Malta. In addition to that, the Faroe Islands have two friendly matches this autumn against Denmark and Lithuania respectively.


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