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COVID-19: Six sailors on foreign cargo ship test positive – Number of active cases is now 32

On Tuesday, an additional six COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the Faroe Islands.

All 23 crew members from the cargo ship Cassiopea, which was docked next to the Russian trawler, Karelia in Klaksvík, were tested, and six of them got a positive result.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in the Faroe Islands to 220, and the number of active cases to 32. Two Russian sailors are still hospitalized.

The 32 people who are listed under active cases are all foreigners, 29 sailors and three tourists who arrived via Vágar Airport on 18 July. Even though most of them have left the country, they will remain listed as active cases in the Faroe Islands.

– We’re the ones who registered them, and we can’t list them as recovered until two weeks after their infection was discovered. Otherwise they’d never be registered properly, as they aren’t registered elsewhere, says chief medical officer of the Faroe Islands, Lars Fodgaard Møller.

The Faroese health authorities have no way to know whether or not all the sailors will have recovered from the infection by that time, as the vessels have no obligation to keep the Faroese authorities updated on their condition, hence they’ll automatically be listed under the recoveries after two weeks have passed, he says.

On Monday, Lars Fodgaard Møller advised everyone who’d been in contact with crew members from the three foreign vessels at the harbour in Klaksvík to be extra cautious due to suspicions that the sailors had wandered around Klaksvík, even though they were not allowed to leave the vessels.

On Tuesday he advised all of them to get tested regardless of whether or not they’d shown any symptoms of COVID-19. They’re also advised to practice social distancing and to keep their hygiene in order.

The Faroe Islands have now conducted 36.125 COVID-19 tests.


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