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Bitcoin Suisse is now valued at 2,1 billion DKK

Bitcoin Suisse, the company founded by half-Faroese Niklas Nikolajsen, is now valued at 2,1 billion DKK, after investors have poured an additional 311 million DKK into the company.

These last two years, Bitcoin Suisse has generated 347 million DKK in profits, and the first six months of 2020 have been good to the company.

45 year old Niklas Nikolajsen’s bitcoin fairytale began in 2011 when he purchased bitcoins for 50 cent apiece. A few years later, he was a millionaire.

In 2013, he co-founded Bitcoin Suisse, a company that helps wealthy people invest in cryptocurrency.

Mr. Nikolajsen tells website finans.dk that Bitcoin Suisse, seven years after it was founded, is on its way to become the first European unicorn in its branch of industry.

The word unicorn is a term used to describe a newly founded company, which manages to reach a market value of more than one billion dollars.

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