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Zacharias Hammer dies at 68

On Tuesday, Norðlýsið announced that Zacharias Hammer, best known for his many TV productions, had passed away at the age of 68.

– Zacharias was a teacher, but he is without a doubt best known for his TV productions. His TV programs for children in the 80s were, according to many, the best children’s content that Kringvarp Føroya ever broadcast, Norðlýsið says.

Apart from his content for children, Zacharias Hammer is also known for his cultural programs and documentaries filmed aboard Faroese ships.

Earlier this year a documentary of his was viewed for a full audience at the Torradagar in Klaksvík. In 2001, Zacharias Hammer received Mentanarvirðisløn M. A. Jacobsens, also known as the Faroese Literature Prize for “other cultural achievments”.


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