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You can now drop off and pick up packages at Magn gas stations

Since 1 October, the Faroese postal service Posta and the oil company Magn have made it possible for customers to drop off and pick up packages at all Magn gas stations.

If a person is not home when Posta drops by, they will leave a note in the mail box, with instructions on where to pick up the package, which will hence forth be at the nearest Magn station.

You can also drop off a package at the Magn station if you’ve paid for the postage on Posta’s new app. When paid, the app will give you a number to write on the package, which can then be dropped off at the nearest Magn station for Posta to collect the next day.

As an example, a person who lives on Argir who is not home when Posta comes to drop off a package, will be able to pick it up at the Magn station near the National Hospital instead of having to travel all the way to the opposite end of Tórshavn where the post office is located.

Another advantage of this new collaboration between Posta and Magn is that people can drop off and pick up packages after work if they have a 9 to 5 job. The post offices close at 4 PM but the gas stations are open til 11 PM.

According to Joel undir Leitinum, CEO of Posta, the new arrangements will not affect the current post offices, who will continue to offer all the same services.

– You can still drop off your packages at the post office if you’d like. But if you’re not home when we come to drop off your package, we’ll drop it off with Magn. You will only have to pick up packages at the post office in special cases where you have to pay for it. Only tax free packages will be dropped off with Magn.


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