Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Worth saving: traditional Faroese boat


This old engineless boat with an outboard motor hole had drunk quite an amount of rainwater — or perhaps seawater because of a leakage?

Anyways, the traditional Faroese boats, with or without a wheelhouse, look fantastic even if this particular one appears to be in need of maintenance. People love the graceful curves and the traditional wood craft that goes into building these boats but, unfortunately, the craftsmen skilled in this particular tradition are getting fewer and fewer.

I really enjoy taking pictures of the old wooden boats which can still be found in most places around the Faroes. But sadly, these boats seem to be in rapid retreat as the plastic ones are gaining popularity at fast pace. I wonder if, in a few years, the traditional Faroese boat will be relegated to a museum but I surely hope not. Let’s do what we can to save this proud tradition.

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