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World Men’s Handball Championship: Faroe to meet Germany on Saturday in hope to make it to final rounds

On Wednesday April 13th, the Faroese men’s handball team played a historic match — their first ever World Men’s Handball Championship playoff match against Germany. 

The second match between the two national teams will be played in Tórshavn on Saturday April 16th. The venue has room for 1700 spectators and it was reported on Friday that tickets for the match had been completely sold out.

The Faroese will need a decent revenge on Saturday to balance out their loss on Wednesday’s away game.

After coming out on top in the first qualifying round group matches in January, the Faroese managed to advance in the second round without a match, as Belarus had been disqualified with reference to the country’s stance on the war in Ukraine.

So in this second phase of the qualifying campaign, the Faroe Islands are playing Germany, one of the highest ranked team from last year’s championship. In other words, Germany is now the only obstacle standing between the Faroese team and its participation at the final rounds of the IHF World Handball Championship.

The first of two matches between the Germans and the Faroese — in Kiel, Germany — did not turn out in favor of the Faroese. After five minutes, the hosts were ahead 4-1, managing to stay several goals ahead of the visiting team at all times. With a half-time score of 17-11, the home team ended up winning 34-26.

Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 5 (2)
Helgi Hildarson Hoydal 4
Hákun West av Teigum 4
Kjartan Johansen 3
Tróndur Mikkelsen 2
Rókur Akralíð 2
Peter Krogh 2
Leivur Mortensen 2
Vilhelm Poulsen 1
Pauli Mittún 1


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