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Works of major Faroese artist and art mediator Bárður Jákupsson on display at Müllers Pakkhús

Partial view of Tórshavn’s West Harbour with the Müllers Pakkhús venue centered (black building). Image credits: Tórshavn Municipality.

In mid February an art exhibition opened at the Müllers Pakkhús featuring oil paintings and watercolor works by acclaimed Faroese artist Bárður Jákupsson. The exhibition is to continue until March 9th, according to the venue.

Jákupsson, who recently turned 80, has had a major influence on contemporary Faroese art, both as a mediator and as an artist. His art is clearly influenced by the natural environment in which he grew up and which he sometimes refers to in almost lyrical style.

“Bárður is no stranger to the dramatic, the bold and the large,” said art blogger Kinna Poulsen, “it’s visible both in the individual paintings and on the great exhibition he held at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands after leaving his post as director general there, but also on subsequent exhibitions at the Listahøllin and Steinprent, and at the Nordatlantens Brygge and numerous other places in Denmark where he is widely acclaimed and was publicly celebrated in [major media such as] Politiken and elsewhere on the occasion of his 80th birthday.”

Oil on canvas (2023).

“When Bárður decided to step down after 25 years at the helm of the National Gallery, all sorts of things happened,” Poulsen further noted; “the artist got his dream studio at Gjógv, where his wife, Hervør, grew up… He was a skillful and passionate director at the Gallery and accomplished a great deal during his tenure, both with regard to exhibitions and publications such as the books on Mikines, Tummas Arge, Torbjørn Olsen, and William Heinesen. The publication Myndlist í Føroyum (‘Visual Arts in the Faroe Islands’), published by Sprotin in 2000, has a special significance and is a major work in Faroese art history. (…) As for his own artistic works, I think there is no shortage of artistic development, nor of artistic quality and quantity. His many oil paintings, watercolor works, lithographs, illustrations, and decorations, are art inspired by experiences of nature but also of Faroese culture.”


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