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Work by Faroese poet Beinir Bergsson nominated for 2022 Nordic Council Literature Prize

Sólgarðurin, the poetry collection of Faroese poet Beinir Bergsson has been nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Literature Prize.

The Literature Prize is handed — along with prizes for music, film, the environment, and children and young peoples literature — at an awards ceremony during the annual autumn Session of the Nordic Council. The Nordic House in Reykjavik is responsible for the administration of the 300,000 DKK prize (40,300 EUR).

Sólgarðurin (in English: The Sun Garden), was published in 2021 by publisher Forlagið Eksil. The collection is described as follows by the Nordic Council’s website:

“An epoch-making expansion of the (lyrical) literary landscape of the Faroe Islands. In this poetry collection, poetic neo-materialism is juxtaposed with youthful, unabashed sexuality and melancholy reminiscence. In many ways, the poems are a classic story of growth — and yet not. For the poems do not seem particularly interested in leaving or escaping places, or in putting distance between the poet-selfs present and the poet-selfs past. The one does not exclude the other for Beinir: sexual desire is not at the expense of the family, the line — rather the contrary. Desire and sexuality are creative and expansive, and the reader is left with the feeling that the world has actually grown larger through this collection of poems”.

Beinir Bergsson made his debut as a published poet in 2017 with the poetry collection ‘Tann lítli drongurin og beinagrindin’ (The Little Boy and the Skeleton), which portrays, inter alia, the loss of a parent, the poet-selfs father. The work won the EBBA award, the annual literature prize of the Faroese WritersAssociation.


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