Slideshow: Winter sun casts spell over islands

Norðskála. Image credits: Maria Olsen.

Last week and the week before saw several cold days of clear skies and wind stillness across most of the Faroe Islands with little to no downfall of rain or snow — and with some spectacular views.

Unsurprisingly some motorists opted to take the traditional road between Tórshavn and Eysturoy, ditching the new undersea tunnel for a change. Besides saving some bucks in toll fees, the real enjoyment from taking the extra time and distance came with the magnificent vistas offered along the road, with the low-angled sunlight playing beautifully in the landscapes.

Driving along the stunning stretches of snow-clad mountains on one such morning, our photographer Maria Olsen made several stops on her way from Glyvrar to Tórshavn, catching some glorious sights — enjoy!


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