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When driving in Faroe, mind the woolies — video

So you’ve got everything set and are ready to explore the islands by car. Congratulations, that’s a great option and there are many exciting views awaiting you — especially if you’re lucky when it comes to weather conditions and visibility. After all, the climate in the Faroes is what can be expected on a group of rocks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, completely surrounded by the sea and absolutely under its influence in every thinkable way. 

Indeed you can almost literally experience all the seasons in a single day. 

Back in the driver’s seat, as an explorer or adventurer you’ll naturally gravitate toward some of the narrower, sometimes bumpier roads that lead to some of the smallest communities. Typically there won’t be much traffic which may make you feel at ease with things and rightly so. 

But beware, especially on some stretches of road, typically but not exclusively on some of those small and less busy ones. All of a sudden, you may encounter one or several sheep attempting to cross or simply standing in the middle of the road, busy feeding a lamb or whatever.

That’s exactly what we encountered on our trip between Velbastaður and Syðradalur on the west coast of Streymoy. We were enjoying some magnificent views of the coastline and surrounding islands, with Vágar, Hestur, Koltur and Sandoy all visible. Then suddenly on our way back, a sheep with her twin lambs popped up right before us and fortunately we had time to slow down properly and let them get out of the way. 

Enjoy the view but mind our four-legged friends as they can rove rather thoughtlessly by the edge of the road and sometimes even on the road itself. For whatever mysterious reason, not all of the roads are fenced off. Hitting a sheep, God forbid, can prove costly in more than one sense — it will kill the animal and wreck your car in the process, and that’s not even the worst case scenario.

Under such circumstances, needless to say, staying alert while limiting speed is highly advisable. 

And yes, we really enjoyed the ride.


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