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Welcome to Saksun (the land of the free?)

It has not gone down well with many Faroe Islanders that an admission fee has been implemented for popular tourist attraction Saksun Beach.

However, some have chosen to look on the bright – or should we rather say sarcastic? – side of life.

Faroese satire portal Info Portalurin has declared that it “is celebrating your special day”, adding an ominous, computer-generated picture of an Auschwitz style gate that leads to Sakun Beach with the phrase “Welcome to Saksun” (see picture above).

“Now it is almost ready. Now we just need to set up the bitcoin terminal,” states the satire portal.

This comes after Faroese news outlets last week broke the news that Saksun-based tenant farmer André Kruse had set up a wicket gate in Saksun plus attached a payment terminal to the gate.

This is what it looked like in Saksun last week:

Mr. Kruse has informed information centers around the country that the Saksun Beach admission fee will be 75 Kr (11 USD, 9 GBP).

Mr. Kruse has previously told Kringvarp Føroya that “it is not possible to stop tourism, and thus, one has to get something out of the tourists.”

“There are so many people now, and we are forced to do something, and we have decided that the money that comes in will be used for paths and other maintenance,” said Mr. Kruse back in May.

It has emerged that Faroe Islanders will also have to pay 75 Kr to visit Saksun Beach.

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