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‘We want to find witnesses in the Faroe Islands’ — relatives of missing Guo Xiaona plead for help


A sister and an uncle of Chinese woman Guo Xiaona, who went missing in the Faroes in early October, have reached out to Local.fo after having made contacts with the Chinese Embassy in Denmark and the Faroe Islands police.

“I sincerely ask you to help investigate and handle the case,” Mr. Guo Jianqing, the uncle of the missing Mrs. Guo, told the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen and the Police in the Faroe Islands.

“There are many suspicious parts in this case,” Mrs. Guo’s sister Hong Meiting subsequently noted in a message to Local.fo. “We want to find witnesses in the Faroe Islands.”

“We are currently filing an international missing-person report on Guo Xiaona, because she is not confirmed dead,” the police reportedly replied to Mr. Guo. “But the case is no longer being investigated as if a crime took place. But if we get new information which suggests foul play we will reopen the case.”

Disappointed with the response from the police dated on October 18th, the relatives seem determined to seek answers on their own.

“Fortunately, I got in touch with a Chinese girl who was traveling in the Faroe Islands,” Ms. Hong told Local.fo. “She is also helping me.”

Searching for clues

In China people fear that the disappearing of the young Mrs. Guo could be associated with some serious crime, according to Ms. Hong. 

Such crime could potentially involve kidnapping and or other forms of abuse including even murder. The Chinese hinted at possible financial foul play as well, notably on insurance and property issues. 

“It’s unclear whether there was a witness at the scene when the incident occurred,” Ms. Hong said. “We want to find out.”

The incident referred to is that Mrs. Guo may have fallen off the cliff at Trælanípan on the southern coast of the island Vágar. She was reportedly together with her Dutch husband at the time, that is on Friday morning, October 7th. The husband Mr. Verheyan’s testimony to the police suggests that she presumably fell off the vertical rock face of the coast whilst he was looking away momentarily, with apparently no witnesses to corroborate or deny his statement.

Stunningly, at the time this article was published, according to Mrs. Guo’s relatives, the Chinese had still heard nothing from Mr. Verheyan himself about the incident.

“In case of an accident, Xiaona’s husband has not informed her relatives in China so far, which is peculiar,” Mr. Guo noted.

In a letter to the police in the Faroes and the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, dated November 11th, Mr. Guo said: “We searched for clues from the video sent back to China by Mrs. Guo Xiaona, and found that the home they stayed at from October 5th to 7th was [Kristjanshavn, Miðvágur]. We asked the local police to find the owner … to help us investigate … the original check-in time and check-out time of the two Mr. Verheyan and Mrs. Guo Xiaona, whether there was a dispute or other things happening during the time in the home stay, whether there was a surveillance video nearby, and where Mrs. Guo Xiaona’s luggage was.”

Ms. Hong added: “The alarm date is October 7. On October 9 we were informed of this news by the public security department of Fujian Province, China.” That’s when Mrs. Guo’s husband reportedly called the police and said there had been an accident. 

“We believe that the police did their best to search and rescue, and also questioned her husband, but finally the police said that there was no evidence to prove that the husband’s answer might be intentional harm.”

Did you witness anything that you think could be of relevance to this case, then please send an email to news@local.fo; your name and personal details will remain confidential and will not be published or shared with any third party without your prior acceptance.


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