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Walk on the edge of the world

This photo I like to call “Walk on the Edge of the World” because it resembles every word from that title. It captures a movie-like landscape scenery with our minimalistic human presence trying to conquer it. Looks surreal and makes you wonder “Is this real?” Oh yes it is. It’s the ‘must have’ photo among us photographers while visiting Kalsoy island, catching that stunningly layered background scenery and waiting for a hiker to cross that ridge. Visibility is not always good and the hikers don’t cross often, so dress yourself warm and get ready to test your patience. Believe me, it’s worth it.

My camera and my stories took me for a good spin around the world—from covering conflicts in former Yugoslavia/Serbia and later in the Middle East, to the ghettos of Los Angeles, to the Caribbean Sea, the African Savannah, and up to hiking and sleeping on volcanic glaciers of Iceland … and I can tell you one thing: Faroe Islands is one of the hot spots for photography. It’s a paradise for photographers for so many reasons: unique and raw landscapes always full of drama, that ever-changing light (just think of one light condition and believe me it’s possible, you might see it here), dramatic weather that gives incredible photo opportunities, as well as the remote location of the islands which means not many photographers come here and the photos have a certain rarity in the world of photography.

“Then it must be fairly easy to make a good photo there?”

Not really. At least not a big one. First of all you have to learn your location well, one of the basics of landscape and travel photography. You have to invest a fair amount of time and energy in exploring this incredible nature, finding spots which you will check frequently in all kinds of weather, learning all possible light scenarios, making test shots and learning composition variations, following different apps for weather, wind, sun, Aurora … Yes, a bit of work for preparing the photo, but it’s all well worth it, because when you nail a good photo in the Faroe Islands—you nailed it big.

Over the past 14 years of calling these rocks home I’ve developed my own personal relation to this piece of nature. 

The Faroe Islands has become a new and attractive location for visitors, making tourism a growing industry. Locals are taking that opportunity well and they’ve started creating unique and good quality services and offers: hiking, sightseeing, cultural tours, food tours, horseback riding, sailing, dining and you name it. Some of them I’ve tried myself and I can tell they are first class, worth my recommendation. I decided to join that effort with my photo tours that are specially designed for photographers of all levels, from pros to enthusiasts, passionate travelers and adventurers and, as of lately, for businesspeople on their work trips to the Faroe Islands. My photo tours are custom made and adjustable to my clients’ preferences in photography and the type of experience they want, their fitness level, and their other fields of interest.

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