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VW FTW: Volkswagen mania “herrscht” in the Faroes

Akstovan (The Car inspection station in Tórshavn) has updated its top ten best-selling car brands list for 2018, having unveiled the latest registration figures for March.

Perhaps surprisingly, Volkswagen dominates the list of best-selling car brands in the Faroe Islands having amassed 39 registrations in March, 17 more than its nearest rivals Kia and Toyota, which usually tops the list.

Overall so far in 2018, Volkswagen is the leading brand with 80 registrations, followed by Toyota with 77, Renault with 60 and Nissan with 46.

Volkswagen 39 registrations
Kia 22
Toyota 22
Renualt 20
Nissan 19
Ford 18
Volvo 15
Honda 10
Suzuki 10
Dacia 8

2018 total:
Volkswagen 80 registrations
Toyota 77
Renualt 60
Nissan 46
Ford 44
Volvo 41
Kia 38
Citroen 31
Peugeot 30
Mitsubishi 25


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