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Volunteers maintain and build new cairns between Tórshavn and Kirkjubøur

Around 100 volunteers from several countries across the globe participated in the so-called ‘Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism’ weekend, which took place on Friday and Saturday.

11 sites in the Faroe Islands were closed to tourists over the weekend, including the very popular path between Tórshavn, the capital, and Kirkjubøur, one of the oldest villages in the country.

10 people from three different countries – Norway, Denmark and the UK plus a couple of local team leaders (see picture above) – had signed up for maintaining and building new cairns between Tórshavn and Kirkjubøur.

Rob and Lauren, traveling salespeople from Bristol (UK), were amongst the volunteers.

“This is one of the places I always wanted to come to, and when the opportunity came along with this volunteer program, I applied for it and luckily I was among the chosen ones,” Rob told Local.fo.

Lauren shared Robs enthusiasm about the Faroe Islands:

“The Faroe Islands have been on my bucket list for a few years. This is an amazing country, very beautiful indeed, and it is especially wonderful to see how welcoming the Faroese people are. I would definitely love to come back,” said Lauren.

Both Lauren and Rob (second and third from left, see picture above) emphasized the importance of preserving nature:

“This experience has been fantastic so far. It is nice to give something back when traveling, or at least have the opportunity to do so, and I am really happy about these two days here,” said Rob.

Lauren elaborated:

“I think it is really important, as tourism is becoming more widespread, to think of how you can look after the places you visit instead of just seeing them. It is good to preserve and to have the opportunity to come out here and do such a good thing. Being part of that feels nice.”


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