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Visit Faroe Islands launches new hiking website

Want to go on a long hike in the Faroe Islands? Or a short hike for that matter, with your children? You want to follow an easy trail or a more difficult one? Visit Faroe Islands has developed a new website, bygdagøtur.fo, which can help anyone plan their ideal hike.

The stated purpose of the website is to provide Faroese and foreign hikers with a tool to find a hiking trail that is just right for them. The website has information on each well-known trail, including duration, trail difficulty, distance etc. People will also find information on the ideal place to park their car, and how to find the trail.

The website is a tool for us to improve the tourism in the Faroe Islands,” said Jóhan Pauli Helgason from Visit Faroe Islands. “Every day we need a tool to show travelers where it is safe to hike, either by themselves or with a guide. These are all public routes in our mountains for everyone to enjoy, which we can be proud of.”

The word bygdagøtur refers to the old trails between villages, which were used by travelers for hundreds of years before roads and tunnels were made. There are unique stories, events and memories attached to these routes, which are worth preserving.

The routes are special in many ways, and its now up to us to take care of them and show them off,” Jóhan Puali Helgason added.

Aside from including information on every trail, the new website also provides information on other trails, which combine several routes for a longer hike. The website also provides downloadable gpx files for anyone to download onto their mobile phone to ensure that the instructions are always at hand.


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