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Visit Faroe Islands “hires” chatbot to answer your questions

Press release, Visit Faroe Islands: Visit Faroe Islands has launched Saga, the most advanced destination chatbot and thereby quickly becoming the world’s first 24/7 tourism office.

The chatbot, developed by Paris-based startup Hopstay, is designed to answer questions & provide dynamic information to tourists visiting The Faroe Islands and is available on Facebook Messenger and is designed to handle typical questions received by the tourism office. This ranges from experience-based queries such as finding restaurants, booking tours and discovering events to practical queries such as obtaining visas and renting cars.

The key objectives of the joint project are to reduce the social media support burden, transition Visit Faroe Islands into a 24/7 service and improve visitor engagement by providing a pocket tool that can instantly provide dynamic destination information in an accessible manner.

Enhancing the travel experience

Currently, the chatbot can respond to queries relating to approximately 300 different content types and can handle more than 10,000 different questions. These numbers are expected to increase daily as Hopstay continues to develop its’ chatbot framework for destinations based on user inputs.

Bardur Eklund, Digital Marketing Manager at Visit Faroe Islands, states:

“Unspoiled, Unexplored and Unbelievable. The Faroe Islands show great potential as a tourist destination. Our country’s uniqueness makes it the perfect experience for fussy travellers. But without effective ways to get the message about our great isles across to the traveller then the Faroe Islands are simply lost amidst the many other travel destinations.

That is why we as a small team embrace technology that can be of great assistance to us in our effort to get our message across. That is why we welcome Saga, our digital assistant, on board.
With Saga on board our little team will have more ways of providing efficient and helpful service 24/7 to the increasingly growing number of people interested in our little destination.”

The future of communication

Hopstay, the company behind the Saga chatbot, is a chatbot framework for local councils and destination marketing organisations. The company’s mission is to have the most advanced Artificial Intelligence framework and natural language processing library serving this sector. The startup was founded in Australia but has been based in Paris at the Paris&Co Welcome City Lab incubator” since January 2017.

Lucas Lovell, co-founder and Managing Director at Hopstay, states:

“Due to the dynamic nature of destination content, we strongly believe that digital assistants will continue to help both travellers and citizens experience the places around them. For those visiting The Faroe Islands, Saga will sit right next to friends and family in their Facebook Messenger inboxes, always ready to answer questions and provide updates. Visit Faroe Islands are an award-winning, progressive DMO and we are very proud to be one of their partners.

With the help of Hopstay, we have developed our beloved Saga chatbot that will help us 24/7 provide guests quick access to key information as transport information, tips, recommendations, events, tours, experiences and more.”


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